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Coronavirus outbreak: travel and more in the UK

Hi friends, firstly I hope this post finds you well.

Since the outbreak of this novel strand of coronavirus, the world has been turned topsy turvy. I’m sure, like me, many of you never expected things to unravel so quickly. Today, I wanted to do a quick post about how things are going here in the UK, for this is the only first-hand experience I have. If you’re curious, read on, otherwise feel free to leave a comment about your experiences.

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Opinion: why diversity matters in travel

Travel seems to be the fix for everything.

Had a break up? I guarantee your friends urge you to take a trip.

Taking time out of work or education? Everyone expects you to spend a few months travelling.

Hate your job? I bet you’re counting down the days until your flight.

Having the opportunity to see and experience other countries and cultures is truly an honour. Often, those experiences open our hearts and minds. It makes sense that we seek those adventures and escapes, but does everyone see travel the same way? I’m willing to bet the answer is no. For every travel blogger or influencer urging us to take the leap and go travelling, there’s probably somebody out there thinking ‘that could never be me’.

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Film: Chhapaak (India, 2020)

Before we jump into this review, there are two things to address. There has been a lot of political dialogue around this film’s release related largely in part to ongoing events in India and actions by the film’s lead. We won’t be covering any of that within this review because it detracts from just reviewing the film as a standalone piece of cinema and talking about the issues presented within it, which are really complicated enough on their own. Secondly, I will be dropping some spoilers here, so please don’t read on if you don’t want to ruin the film!

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Travel: My Interrail journey. Stop 5 & 6: Venezia & Verona, Italy (part 2)

Hello friends, it’s been a while since my last update! I was struck with some sudden health issues, but I’m back on the mend and eager to get this Interrail saga finished up. We left off at the point I was about to board a boat for a three islands tour…

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Travel: My Interrail journey. Stop 5 & 6: Venezia & Verona , Italy

If you’ve been reading so far, you might think I struggle in tourist spots, but honestly, Venezia blew me away! It’s a stunning city, despite the issues it’s facing, and still one of the most unique cities to visit. Read on to learn more about my final stops on my Interrail journey~

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Travel: My Interrail journey. Stop 4: Wien, Austria

It’s taking a little time, but I’m almost done recounting my recent Interrail trip! For my fourth stop, I visited Austria’s capital, Wien. Since I speak German, this was the stop I was most excited for. After stumbling through Hungarian, Czech and Slovak for the week before my arrival, I was happy to finally be going somewhere I could speak the language!

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